Santa Clara University Campus Map Illustration

Rod Hunt was commissioned by Pentagram in Austin, Texas to illustrate the campus map for Santa Clara University, a comprehensive Jesuit, Catholic university located in California's Silicon Valley. The aim was to highlight some of the significant ways that the campus was transformed with new buildings and facilities built over the last two decades while Joe Sugg served as Associate VP of University Operations.

See how the Santa Clara campus has been transformed in the past two decades—in dozens of ways big and marvelous. Just a few of those are highlighted here. One of the quiet forces behind them: Joe Sugg, who served Santa Clara for 19 years and retired in December as associate vice president of University Operations. He built; he and his staff kept the campus lovely and made it more so.

They turned SCU into a leader in sustainability. (Joe credits sensibilities he learned growing up on a farm in Arkansas; his parents were educators.) Unbeknownst to many here: He’s a retired Air Force colonel. He flew jets in Vietnam, and at the end of the Cold War, as a base commander in Arizona, he oversaw demolition of missiles for which he’d helped develop control systems years before; they were no longer needed. It meant a great deal to him to see the dedication of SCU Veteran’s Plaza in November 2014. He also adores the Wall of Climbing Roses that runs for half a mile on the edge of campus: 200 heritage roses, some quite rare. His wife, Marianne, was the force behind that. Thank you both.
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