Top Gear - Where's Stig? The World Tour book

After hitting the top of last years Christmas book charts, Stig makes like a rock star with his very own World Tour, brought to you by illustrator
While the pressures of global notoreity take their toll on lesser mortals, The Stig remains mysteriously unaffected.  Maybe because its only tyre pressures that ever trouble him.  Maybe its because he's not actually mortal. Either way, as the gospel of Top Gear reaches ever further around a world already slightly wary of thre middle-aged men with bad hair and a penchant for wanton destruction, our monochrome motorhead keeps a watchful eye on his hapless chums. 
Time to search them all out again, then.  From the European hotspots of Monaco or Rome to the distant towers and jungles of the Americas, from the sun, sea, sand and, er, more sand of Australia, to the sun, sea, sand and slightly sticky pavements of Blackpool, the boys are making a very public mess of it.  The Stig, meanwhile, is maintaining a typically low profile.  Magnifying glasses at the ready.
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