Lightbox Interactive Environmental Graphic Display

Rod Hunt was commissioned by Real Studios to illustrate a large scale permanent interactive display for the award winning Lightbox Museum & Gallery in Woking UK. The building was designed by architects Marks Barfield, the creators of the London Eye. The project took over 3 months to complete, & was installed for the Lightbox building’s official opening.

It’s a graphic lightbox installation covering a final area of 5m x 2m . The content is based on what Woking, already one of Britain's greenest boroughs, is doing to support environmental issues within the town. The visitor is given a selection of push buttons with facts/questions that light-up specific activities within the illustration. The illustration needed to closely convey the identity & flavour of Woking, including many of its key features & landmarks. So Rod spent a day photographing the town, supported by a guide provided by the Lightbox museum & gallery. There were many design issues to resolve, including how to represent the carbon saving scale. The final illustration was drawn at actual size in Adobe Illustrator.
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