Southern Railway Adventure Map Advertising Campaign

Rod Hunt worked with advertising agency VCCP illustrating Southern Railway's "Southern Adventure" summer advertising campaign, imagining the rail network & many of the regions tourist attractions as a theme park. Can you find Loco Toledo, the campaigns Mexican Wrestler

James West, Project Manager for VCCP says about the project “The map was commissioned as part of a wider integrated campaign called The Southern Adventure for Southern Railway, a regional train operator in the South East of England. The campaign served to highlight the many great adventures families could take in the South East of England and most importantly, that they could go by train and not have to take the car. To appeal to families and excite and enthuse kids, we wanted to involve them in the adventure planning by giving them a fun map of all the different adventures and the Southern stations. With Rod’s unique ‘theme park’ map style, we knew this would really appeal to and resonate with families. The map was handed out as part of a promotional station tour.

Client: Southern Railway
Ad Agency: VCCP
Creatives: Ken Taylor & Gavin McDonald
Project Manager: James West
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