Busy, highly detailed illustrations and cityscapes of India for an automotive advertising campaign
Following on from their successful collaboration on the launch campaign for the new Multix Utility Vehicle, Wieden + Kennedy, New Delhi worked with Rod Hunt again to create a book to illustrate the testimonials of satisfied owners of the Multix. Each owner was drawn from different areas of Indian business with Rod creating their own ‘mini world’ that showed their story, how they used the Multix in their businesses, family life and the improvements the Multix has brought to their lives.
Testimonial book illustrations for the new Multix Car by Eicher Polaris
Illustrated isometric Cityscapes of India
Storytelling and testimonial illustrations for an automotive advertising campaign
Isometric illustrator commissioned to show the real world used of a new car based on the testimonials of new owners
Indian City Illustrations
Marketing Illustrations for an automotive business
Spot illustrations for advertising
Testimonial illustrations used in the marketing of a new car
Illustrated isometric city in India
Business illustrations for marketing and promotion
Isometric city illustrations
Isometric book illustrations
Travel illustrations of India and Indian Cities
Illustrations for Businesses and companies
Indian Street scene illustrations in isometric perspective
Infographic Book illustrations for an advertising campaign
Illustrations of a construction site
Pixel art illustrations used for automotive marketing
Travel Illustrations of the Indian countryside
Marketing illustration for businesses
Travel Illustrator
Car and automotive illustrations
Isometric illustrations for business
Illustrated cars and utility vehicles
Landscape illustrations in isometric perspective
Families illustrated with their new car for an automotive advertising campaign
Farms and countryside illustrated as part of a automotive marketing campaign
Pixel Art Cityscape of an Indian city and villages
Concept Pencil sketches
Original Drawings for the illustrations
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