Top Gear Where's Stig? Illustrated Book

Working with the BBC Books and hit TV show Top Gear, Rod Hunt created the book Where's Stig? Rod created illustrations based on and inpired by episodes and stunts from the show, including the Vietnam, Botswana and Deep South specials. Where's Stig? became the UK's 4th bestselling hardback non fiction book of 2009, and has sold in excess of 350,000 copies to date.

The mysterious Stig, Top Gear's resident racing driver and one of the most popular members of the "TG" team, has finally got a book of his own, brought to you by Illustrator & artist Rod Hunt & BBC Books.
But you'll have to work hard to find him, as he's been cleverly concealed in a series of brilliantly drawn scenes. You might spot him getting down with the kids at a rock festival; or overseeing his workforce in his secret underground lair. He could be one of the spectators lining the route of Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week; or soaking up the sun on the Costa del Stig. Filled with visual jokes and references to the TV series, and with extra credits for spotting his colleagues at "Top Gear" and a few other hidden gems, "Where's Stig?" will give "Top Gear" fans hours of fun. 
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