Illustrated maps by map illustrator Rod Hunt - Campus Map created for Brighton Grammar School - College Campus Maps. University illustrated campus aerial maps, birds eye view and 3D architectural illustrations.
Rod Hunt was commissioned by Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia to create a map of their school site. The map needed to incorporate the Junior School, Middle and Senior Schools that make up the site as well as put the school in the context of the surrounding area. Designer: Ross Donnan
Campus Map Illustration for Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia
Map illustration used in marketing and promotion for a grammar school
Illustrated map used as a large mural in a school
School campus map illustration
Cartography used for education
Detailed map illustration showing the full school campus
Isometric map showing a large school campus
Illustrated maps crated for an educational campus
Pixel art maps used for school a campus
Architecture of school campus illustrated
School buildings shown in an illustrated map
Detailed maps created for schools, universities, colleges and educational establishments
Original pencil sketch for hand drawn maps
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