Life Cereal Box Illustration - Search and Find game illustrations Brain Cruncher Quaker Life & Cruchtime Cereal packaging, illustrated by Rod Hunt
Rod Hunt worked with Hornall Anderson Design in Seattle to illustrate the Brain Cruncher Search and Find game to appear on the back of Quaker Life and Cruchtime Cereal packaging. Five different versions of the illustration were created for the Original, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon and Maple Brown Sugar flavours.

The goal was to have highly engaging "search and find" games on the back of Life cereal products, with the mission to find a variety of items (10 per box) in the each world. The concept was the busy morning of an average kid€” everything that happens (or can happen) from the time the alarm clock goes off until he or she gets to school. The game was aimed at Moms shopping for their children aged between 8-12

Quaker Life packaging game illustrations by Rod Hunt
Isometric Search and Find Game Illustrations for Quaker Life cereal packaging
Seek and Find Game for Quaker Life cereal packs
Quaker Life cereal packaging games illustrated by Rod Hunt
Quaker Life cereal packaging illustrations
Game Illustrations by Rod Hunt on the packaging of Quaker Life Cereals
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