Ski Resort Map Illustrator - Highly detailed ski resort map illustration of Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado, used in the Campure The Cube Advertising Campaign for FirstBank
Rod Hunt was commissioned by TDA Boulder to illustrate an expansive and accurate map of the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado for FirstBank's 'Capture the Cube' promotion. Using the map on the Capture the Cube website or Instagram, and the clues from the FirstBank Instagram during the promotion you can search for ninty-nine orange FirstBank Cubes hidden in various locations across the mountain.

Finding the hidden object or character that matches the clue shows where on the mountain the real cube has been hidden. Then by using the Cube Finder app the compass will point the user in the direction of the hidden cube. Once a cube has been found the winner can then claim their free snowboard or skis at the FirstBank tent in the Village Center.
Ski Resort Trail Map illustration for the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado
Ski Trail and Piste Maps illustrator - Resort Map Illustration
Interactive Ski Trail and Piste Maps used in social media campaign
Fun search and find ski competition illustrations used in an Instagram advertising campaign
Ski Resorts Map Illustrator - Ski tail piste maps for resorts illustrated by Rod Hunt
Skiing Trail Maps - Cartography illustrations, US ski resort
Ski Map Illustration - Highly detailed ski resort maps illustrated
Ski Resort Maps Illustrator - Hand drawn trail and piste maps for Copper Mountain Ski resort
Interactive ski resort map illustration, advertising marketing campaign
Hand drawn maps for ski resorts illustrated by Rod Hunt
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