Confectionary company Mr Beast Feastables commissioned Rod Hunt to create an illustrated map of the fictitious Feastables Island to promote Mr Beast Bars' $100,000 Treasure Chest competition in Australia. The island incorporated various recognisable stunts from Mr Beast's YouTube channel including Willy Wonka World, Seven stranded at sea, I gave my 100 millionth subscriber an island and Last to leave the circle wins $500,000. The illustration also featured Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast and his crew; Chandler, Nolan, Karl,and Kris. The promotion was fronted by Australian YouTuber LazarBeam.
Mr Beast Bars' $100,000 Treasure Chest Map Illustration
LazarBeam Mr Beast Feastables Island map illustration
 I gave my 100 millionth subscriber an island illustration by Rod Hunt
 Mr Beast Feastables Willy Wonka World illustration by Rod Hunt
Golden Statue of Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast illustrated by Rod Hunt
Mr Beast Feastables Island temple of Chocolate illustration
Mr Beast Feastables Island Skull Mountain illustration by Rod Hunt
Rough Drawing for Mr Beast Feastables Island illustration
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