Book cover illustrator and designer Rod Hunt illustrated Hired: Six Month in Britain's Low Wage Economy for Atlantic books
Atlantic Books commissioned Rod Hunt to illustrate the book cover for 'Hired - Six Months in Britain's Low Wage Economy', the latest book by James Bloodworth. Ultimately the book was published with a different cover design and titled ' Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain'.  Shown here are the various unused working versions of the cover with alternative type treatments. 

'We all define ourselves by our profession. But what if our job was demeaning, poorly paid, and tedious? Cracking open Britain's divisions journalist James Bloodworth spends six months living and working across Britain, taking on the country's most gruelling jobs. He lives on the meagre proceeds and discovers the anxieties and hopes of those he encounters, including working-class British, young students striving to make ends meet, and Eastern European immigrants. 

From the Staffordshire Amazon warehouse to the taxi-cabs of Uber, Bloodworth narrates how traditional working-class communities have been decimated by the move to soulless service jobs with no security, advancement or satisfaction. This is a gripping examination of Brexit Britain, a divided nation which needs to understand the true reality of how other people live and work before it can heal.'
Isometric illustration, Lettering and typography used in an illustrated book cover
Original concept sketch design for a book cover
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