UBER Board Game Illustration - Fast Company Magazine
Rod Hunt contributed to Fast Company's "Most Innovative Companies 2013" their annual guide to the state of innovation in the World economy, illustrating a board game for UBER, the mobile app that connects riders with luxury vehicles for hire. 
 UBER is competitive with Metro / City transit authorities, &  their cofounder & CEO Travis Kalanick has battled hard to get into various cities. Through successfully rallying their audience to badger local politicians they have succeeded despite all the bureaucratic & regulatory hurdles. Through the board game we follow Travis's ups & downs as UBER expands.

Uber's "convenient, classy, reliable ride"--in the words of CEO and cofounder Travis Kalanick--fuses tech with cabs: Call a ride using its app or the web, and Uber's algorithms and sophisticated data analysis positions its cars to be there within minutes. Its clever marketing stunts earn customer loyalty and grab attention--though perhaps not as much as Kalanick's brashness as he challenges what he perceives to be outmoded local transportation laws.
Illustrated Board Game - Editorial Illustration on UBER in Fast Company Magazine
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Illustrations on ride sharing company UBER
UBER Illustrated Board Game
Editorial Illustrations on UBER in fast Company
Illustrated Board Game - Editorial illustrations for Fast Company Magazine
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