LMU City Map Illustrator - University campus map illustration for an advertising campaign for Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
Rod Hunt was commissioned by DJ Stout at Pentagram to illustrate ‘LMU City, The University of Silicon Beach’ the key part of Loyola Marymount University's awareness campaign for their new LMU Playa Vista Campus, opening Fall 2018 in the heart of Los Angels’s Silicon Beach. 

The aim was to visualise the Silicon Beach/Playa Vista/westside Los Angeles neighbourhoods as “LMU City”, putting LMU at the centre of the bourgeoning Silicon Beach community. Roughly a mile from the main campus, it is LMU’s first “satellite location” since Loyola Law School opened its doors downtown in 1980. The university is primarily moving its graduate film and television programs, ranked among the highest in the nation (#6), into the new PV campus.

The new building, called 'The Brickyard', is in the heart of Silicon Beach’s bustling tech and creative hub, alongside the powerhouse companies like YouTube, IMAX and Google who are LMU's neighbours and collaborators. The illustration needed to radiate from this central concept of the LMU film and television programs being in the entertainment innovation epicentre of LA. 
Camus Map Illustrators - LMU University advertising campaign illustration
Illustrated City Maps - University campus map illustration
Map Artist - Los Angeles Silicon Beach illustrated for an advertising campaign by LMU LA
Map Artists - Students illustrated for University marketing and promotion
LMU Film and Television School at LMU LA, Silicon Beach
Map Illustrators - Rod Hunt was commissioned by DJ Stout at Pentagram to illustrate the ad campaign for LMU in Los Angeles, focusing on the campus and Silicon Beach
Architectural Map illustrator - detailed illustration of the University campus
Architectural Building Map Illustration - LMU Playa Vista Campus Building housing The Film and Television School
Hand Drawn maps for you University campus
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