Transport for London illustration - Oyster Card Wallet Design
Outline Editions commissioned Rod Hunt to create a limited edition Oyster Card Holder design and a limited edition print for Transport for London's Year of the Bus. The design is now available at the TfL Shop. Rod also created an illustrated Bus Sculpture for the Year of the Bus Sculpture Trail.

Quote: “I found inspiration by looking at the Key Bus Routes in central London map & seeing that it almost looks like the map is spelling the word "Bus" in the route lines.”

To celebrate the Year of the Bus, TfL have again joined up with Outline Editions to create 10 limited edition Oyster card holders featuring the work of some of the UK’s most exciting graphic designers. All the card designs will feature the bus theme, including a handy central London bus map on the inside of the wallet, with individual interpretations of the London bus. The designers selected include: Edward Carvalho Monaghan, Jean Jullien, Kate Moross, MinaLima, Noma Bar, Rod Hunt, Malika Favre, Studio EMMI, Kristjana S Williams and Crispin Finn.
Oyster Card wallet Illustration for Transport for London
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