Infographics commissioned by iGas explaining the natural gas exploration and  production process
Rod Hunt was commissioned by Carr Kamasa Design to create a series of illustrations for the IGas Energy plc 2017 Annual Report. Three infographic illustrations were created to explain the exploration and production process; Lifecycle of a Well, Representation of an Established Site in Production and Optimisation of Assets. 
IGas Energy plc is a leading onshore oil and gas exploration and production business
Isometric information graphics for business and the energy sector
Cross sections and cutaway illustrations of the landscape showing rock strata and natural gas reserves
3D diagrams and infographics for business and the energy industry by illustrator Rod Hunt
Isometric business illustrations
Landscape illustrations in 3D isometric perspective
Annual report illustrations for an energy production company
Information graphics for business in isometric perspective
Hand drawn maps for business and the energy industry
Cutaway and cross section illustrations
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