Rod Hunt was commissioned to create an expansive cityscape illustration for an Infinite Zoom animation for Segro to explain 'Why We Need Data Centres'. Segro required a fun and engaging way to explain all the things that data centres enable in our daily lives across Residential, Transport, Business, Leisure, Healthcare, Entertainment and Education. One huge illustration was created containing all the detailed scenes that the animation would zoom into.

SEGRO is a leading owner, asset manager and developer of modern warehousing and industrial property. 
Segro has created Europe’s largest data centre cluster. Data centres are increasingly regarded as key national infrastructure given the critical role they play in our daily lives.
Expansive City Illustration for Segro: Why We Need Data Centres Infinite Zoom Animation - illustrated by Rod Hunt
 Infinite Zoom Animation - isometric cityscape illustrated by Rod Hunt for Segro
Animated isometric cityscape illustration - residential and home
Illustrated Isometric home animation
transport infrastructure and train station - Whey we need data centres animation
Illustrated Expansive City Infinite zoom animation by Rod Hunt
Isometric office illustrations for infinite zoom animation
Isometric Infinite Zoom Animation
Data centres in Leisure - Animated isometric illustration by Rod Hunt for Segro
The roll of data centres in daily life animation
Data centre illustration and animation
Isometric city illustrations - healthcare, education, transport and residential
Expansive detailed cityscape illustration in infinite zoom animation
Rough drawing for isometric cityscape
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