Where's EVie? Tusker Electric Car Search and Find Game illustration
Rod Hunt was commissioned by Tusker to illustrate Where's EVie? a search and find game to promote their Salary Sacrifice Car Benefit Scheme for employees for Electric Cars. Rod created a detailed Electric City illustration containing electric cars and charging infrastructure. The illustration was also installed as a printed mural at Tusker's offices.

Help us find EVie! Welcome to Tusker’s ElectriCity. We can’t find our electric car EVie and her two siblings, they’re hidden somewhere in our ElectriCity – can you help us find them? There are also 11 different types of electric car chargers and cables hidden throughout the map.  

Tusker is a carbon neutral company who provide both company car and salary sacrifice car schemes to UK organisations in both the public and private sector. It’s also one of the most affordable ways for employees to drive a brand new fully insured and maintained car for a fixed monthly amount taken from their salary. 
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Illustrated Printed Mural installation at Tusker's Offices - Search and find isometric illustration by Rod Hunt
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