Materials Matter: Rare Earths. The Restart Project
Where's Your Dog? Personalised Search and Find Dog Book
Network Rail: King's Uncrossed / East Coast Upgrade Ads
Sogo Cvision Koi Bumper Animation for 76m HD Video Wall
Three #PhonesAreGood In-Store Mural Illustration
AIDES: #ShareTheLove HIV/AIDS Awareness Ad Campaign
Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival Illustration
Formula E Ad Diriyah E-Prix Event Map Illustration
OYO Rooms: City Mural, Timeline & Book Illustrations
Minecraft Coral Crafters Infographic Animation
Top Gear Where's Stig? Motorsport Madness Search & Find
Isometric Cityscape Illustration - Advertising Campaign
IKEA Apartmentology Advertising Campaign Illustration
Daily Mail Great Summer £125,000 Treasure Hunt
Goosebumps Movie Where's The Creature? Viral Game
Jodhpur Urban Regeneration City Map Illustration
Megacity 2050: Future Green City Illustration
Digital Catapult: Technology Infographic Illustration
You Never Know What You'll Get - Advertising Campaign
Let's Fix Our Relationship With Electronics Infographic
Daily Mail Great British £100,000 Treasure Hunt
Toyota Car Ad Campaign - Isometric City Illustration
OYO Rooms Goa Hotel & Travel Map Illustration
Bank of England Infographic Illustration
Where's Ezra? George Ezra Viral Game Illustration
Doing Business in Trump’s America: Business of Fashion
Top Gear Where's Stig? Illustrated Search & Find book
Top Gear: Where's Stig? World Tour -Search & Find Book
City of Tiny Lights: Typographic Cityscape Illustration
Single Pencil: 2B-Boys & 2B-Girls Illustration
Burn Baby Burn! Illustrated Matchbook Project
LMU City Campus Map - Advertising Campaign Illustration
Music Lovers Unite - Music Festival Illustration
Multix Utility Vehicle Testimonials - Car Ad Campaign
Retro Apple Sticker Illustrations: MacFormat Magazine
Multix Personal Utility Vehicle: Automotive Ad Campaign
Looking For Transwonderland - Book Cover Illustration
Magicard: Cutaway & Isometric Business Illustrations
WWE Hall Of Fame... Revealed - Wrestling Illustration
TfL Year of the Bus Oyster Card Wallet & Poster
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